Identifying additional recyclables and optimizing your on-site disposal can lead to potential rebates that can lower the cost of waste removal. Service Waste Inc. can take your waste and turn it into a revenue stream. If your business produces bulk waste that can be recycled, our trucks will load it up and bring it to our weigh station. We’ll pay for your recyclables by the pound, based on current market value. We can also train your staff to recognize additional ways to optimize your waste disposal strategy.

In most cases, Service Waste can turn your waste stream into revenue. Baled materials can be purchased, and we offer storage and transportation options as well. For special events revenue opportunities, our staff can design and implement office recycling programs, school and university campus recycling programs and event/"game day" recycling options. We make it a priority to train your staff to recognize additional ways to divert waste and minimize your environmental footprint.

If your business produces a significant amount of bulk waste that can be recycled then we can, in most cases, offer a rebate for your recyclables**. If your business currently recycles, (i.e. bales, Toters, compactors) and the product represents a substantial revenue stream, please call us for competitive pricing. Most recycling commodities fluctuate in price every month. Our public scale is open for business daily from 8am - 5 pm Mon-Fri; Sat 8am-12pm. We pay cash for cardboard, newsprint, office paper, print shop waste, and more.

**Minimum weight requirements, container, and transportation fees may apply.

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